Customized glass solutions in Tenerife, Canary Islands

Glass solutions for homes and offices


Custom work

Thanks to having our own glass factory, a pioneer in the Canary Islands, we carry out tailor-made projects, totally designed and adapted to your case.

Quick budgets

Your budget without waiting. Send us photos and measurements and we will send you your personalized budget in a very short time.


CTE Regulation

We rigorously adapt to the Technical Building Code, the regulations that regulate the construction of buildings in Spain since 2006.


Possibility of financing

Pay comfortably and finance your projects with us. Ask conditions.

Glass shower enclosures

We manufacture and install screens for all types of straight shower trays, we adapt to any shape and pre-existing work.

The most efficient and elegant sliding systems on the market, as well as hinged and/or fixed doors with an absolute guarantee of sealing. Whether in transparent, translucent, colored glass or mirror glass, we manage to bring simplicity, maximum hygiene and elegance to your bathroom.

Adding the anti-limescale treatment to the glass prevents the adhesion of limescale and protects it from soaps and other stains that are difficult to remove, since it covers the pores and, therefore, significantly improves their maintenance and cleaning.

Glass railings

We manufacture and install with the most solvent systems on the market and always complying with the Technical Building Code.

Protection, security and spaciousness, since the transparency of glass provides space, design and elegance to any type of environment. Whether with aluminum profiles, buttoned or with clips, the stairs, terraces and balconies, both straight and curved, will bring light and modernity to any space. As an option, the glass can be of any transparent or translucent color as well as with images inserted in it that will make the building unique and singular.

Glass stairs

We manufacture and install glass steps with different types of glass and thicknesses. They can be anchored to a metal structure or buttoned. As optional we can find the inclusion of LEDs or non-slip glass.

Our technical department studies, designs and calculates both straight and curved stairs. Without a doubt, the space will win a piece of glass jewelry that will become the center of attention of all eyes.

Space divisions only in glass

Every week many types of doors are made in different types of glass in our flat tempered glass furnace. In thicknesses ranging from 4 mm. up to 15mm. and in any kind of dimension. Glass doors and fixtures are the perfect solution to separate spaces providing light and spaciousness.

We can manufacture and install partitions between kitchen and dining room, office offices, entrances to buildings, premises enclosures and a great infinity of solutions where we cannot rule out customization through images, colors or glass that changes from transparent to translucent. Very interesting is the acoustic attenuation in the case of offices, classrooms and areas where sound insulation is a priority.

Interior partitioning and division

Our modular partitioning systems can integrate the different types of solutions in the same project: double glass, single glass and blind partition with standard vertical or horizontal modulation.

We can apply a wide variety of doors: swing, sliding and coplanar or RAS, both blind and glass. We can also apply wall coverings with the same finishes and solutions such as screens and wardrobe partitions.

Automatic glass doors

They provide modernity, comfort and the security of controlled access. With immediate service and the guarantee of our technical service, we have been installing automatic sliding and folding doors for more than 30 years.

We can even turn a manual swing door into an automatic one.

Glass furniture

Our factory since 1979 has been dedicated to the repair and manufacture of all types of glass for furniture, both straight and curved, as we are the only factory in the Canary Islands that bends glass. Also with mirrors and colored glass that we can drill, grind and temper.

In kitchen furniture, countertops, countertop backsplashes, bathroom furniture, living room furniture, paneling, we can provide the uniqueness of personalizing your space, either through shapes, the type of glass or colours. Especially highlighting the images that we can insert in the laminated glass, personalizing the piece to be treated to the maximum.

Glass enclosures for terraces and balconies

Folding systems are ideal for generating a space where wind is minimized and warmth is improved, originally created in Norway, they provide comfort to a space for the windiest and coldest days without reducing light and providing spaciousness and vision towards the outside without obstacles visuals. Both in transparent tempered glass and in glass with solar control, we will undoubtedly gain a new comfortable space, fundamental in restaurants and home balconies where we can have the entire system or part of it open, controlling at all times the space that we want to have protected.

Winter gardens

One of the best investments we can make in our home is to generate a new space in our garden or terrace where we can install a fixed or mobile glass roof, with or without awnings, with a sandwich panel. The sides in aluminum systems, fixed or with sliding, and the front part with folding glass systems or with aluminum doors, customizing the space to the maximum to adapt it to our specific needs.

Our technical department will carry out a study for the design and calculation of the structure and will offer you the best solution for anchoring the enclosure to the pre-existing, commissioning masonry or locksmith works if necessary. Whether it is a part or the whole, we offer all the necessary services for your maximum confidence and comfort.

Glass windbreaks

The terraces of bars and restaurants can have the best ally in the windbreaks to offer their customers maximum comfort and safety, versatile due to their fixed and mobile options as well as the height adjustment of the two glasses that make up each section. There is no better investment today to fill all the tables in your business.

Pool glass

Since 2008 we have been manufacturing and installing glass for swimming pools and aquariums, with the guarantee of our technical department, we guarantee maximum safety and solvency. One of our best-known works is the Loro Parque Penguinarium, which served as an experience to continue towards other businesses and private homes where we have come to create avant-garde spaces.

Walkable glass

In our tempered and laminated glass ovens, we manufacture and install all kinds of non-slip treads. Always with the approval and guarantee of our technical department that attends to the use and load that the CTE allows. Knowledge, service and maximum quality are undoubtedly fundamental in special glasses.

Blinds, awnings and mosquito nets

Protection systems, both for the sun and for the rain, that make us enjoy new spaces; As well as the case of the blinds, which provide security and insulation. The automation of its drives and the connection to the SOMFY system gives us maximum control and comfort.

Bioclimatic pergolas

The bioclimatic pergola is an exterior solar protection system that will allow you to enjoy life outdoors at any time of the year. With a design of minimalist lines, without works, it fits in all kinds of architectural styles. It is an ideal solution to create a new space in homes, restaurants and hotels, since its adjustable slats save the energy consumed.

The wide range of options, together with the multiple accessories and products, make this new space adapt to your needs to the maximum, creating unique spaces for maximum exploitation.

Aluminum and PVC carpentry

With the seal and guarantee of Marrero Cristaleros, more and more clients and friends trust us to develop the renovation or first installation of the envelope of their home, modern, minimalist carpentry and with all kinds of finishes.

We integrate the SOMFY system, through which all home equipment can be managed easily through an internet connection. SOMFY allows us to control awnings, pergolas, blinds, shutters, roller doors, our Saxun line curtains or any other Giménez Ganga product, offering great energy savings.

We work with the best brands in the market